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Mild Steel Plates

We DM Sons Metal are Suppliers and Stockist of Mild Steel Plates in different sizes and specifications to meet the requirements of clients. These Mild Steel Plates are available in various sizes and thickness as we stock a wide variety of Mild Steel Plates from Manufacturers all around the globe and are used in applications such as: hydraulic press manufacturing, dam gates and cranes manufacturing.

Mild Steel Plates

We supply Mild Steel Plates to our suppliers in a wide range of Grades which are used for different applications.

Grades available in Mild Steel Plate



Applications of Mild Steel Plate:

  • Engineering Automotive
  • Agricultural sectors

Features of Mild Steel Plate

  • high tensile strength
  • corrosion resistance
  • long life usage

Hardox Plates

We are importers and stockiest for Hardox Plates special used in mining and cement industries. We keep regular stock for JFE-EH360LE / JFE-EH360A (Equivalent to Grade Hardox 400/450) and JFE-HITEN 780 (Equivalent to Grade Weldox 780 / ASTM S690QL)

Grades of Hardox Plates

Hardox 400, 450, 500, 550, 600


  • Conveyors
  • Dump Truck Bodies
  • Loading Buckets & Bulldozers
  • Crushers
  • Please contact us for more details

European Mild Steel Plates

Our Mild Steel Plates is a steel in everyday use which will rust (ie. it is not stainless steel). Many people have made reference to the carbon content of mild steel and unless you know what this does then it is pointless. Low carbon steel such as mild steel will be quite soft and malleable so can be bent and forged into different shapes with minimal heat treatment.

Higher carbon steels (up to about 0.9%) can be hardened using a method of heating and quenching (fast cooling in oil or brine) to a point where they can be used for cutting other steels, you would know high carbon steel as a drill bit or lathe tool.

American Mild Steel Plates

We export other mild steel plates that are designed using mild steel is low carbon steel, steel that is not hard and brittle, the stuff that plates and structural shapes. It is refers to low carbon steel; typically the aisi grades 1005 through 1025, which are usually used for structural applications.

With too little carbon content to through harden, it is wieldable, which expands the possible applications.

Indian Mild Steel Plates

We offer Indian Mild Steel Plates that innovative technology and efficient machines to develop a wide range of Mild steel sheets and plates. These products are used in various industries and are appreciated for their attributes of high tensile strength, corrosion resistance & long life usage.

As per the definite demands of our customers, we can customize our mild steel sheets and plates on the parameters of shapes and sizes.

Japanese Mild Steel Plates

Our range of japanese mild steel plates conforms to standard, japanese standard 2. Hot rolled quality carbon steel plate. Thickness: 6mm-400mm. Material quality: 20-45,20mn-65mn,08f.

These japanese industrial standard specifies the hot-rolled mild steel plates, sheets and used fort machinery like transit mixers/ tower crane / batching plant/ concrete pumps/ asphalt plants.

China Mild Steel Plates

Our china mild steel plates have metallurgical features of steel plates with ultra finegrainsin surface layers and science and technology nova research item of china (H013610320111) use in manufacturing reinforcement steel bar galvanized steel coil.

German Mild Steel Plates

We supply German Mild Steel Plates that present invention relates to a process for roughening and chromium-plating, in the same electrolyte, steel and steel-based plates for lithographic applications, e.g., in the production of offset printing plate supports.

Offset printing plates which, for simplicity, are hereinafter referred to as printing plates, are generally comprised of a support to which at least one radiation-sensitive reproduction layer is applied. The reproduction layer is applied to the support either by the user, in the case of plates which have not been precoated, or by the industrial manufacturer in the case of pre-coated (presensitized) plates.


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